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A choice of this breed was rather a coincidence. I have always wanted a dog - big dog full of temperament and eye catching. I was looking for the right breed and found it... When I was 18 years old, I bought my first briard puppy for my very first salary and I completely fell in love with the breed.
The very first briard in our family was fauwn girl DAKA MAJOLI (Gája).
In 1992 black boy ASCO ACRO joined our family and we had countless unforgotable shared moments playing in our garden, snowdrifts or in the water, which all briards love. Their energy and joy of life are simply catching. They were accompaning us at each step and were always devoted companions. After our children were born, they were pationate with their "getting to know attacks". And after the girls got bigger both our briards found their allies for games and monkey bussiness. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and Gaya left us too soon (bloat) and after a while also Asco. So we had to decide for a new puppy. After longer period of choosing the right breeder, we went to pick up our new girl to kennel Moravia Campanaella (breeder: Mrs. Firlova). Our chosen Melusine was a leader of the whole litter, who whole-heartedly hurled herself at us during our visit in Šenov. Since that moment she belonged to our family. During the first weeks Melusine got attention of everyone especially during a feeding time. Her audience was getting larger and larger as was an applause after her 5 second lasting performance by a bowl and triumphant departure of the bowl. Thanks god her habbit has passed however she did not lost attention of her fans. She found a new way to charm. The showed herself off in each park, field or any space suitable for fetching her 15cm big gummy ring. Fetching and retrieving is a passion for her. The ring casually haning in her mouth became park of her. (One boy at a show in Bratislava discribed her as: "Hey look! A dog with a piercing!"). Melusine is our third briard. She is full of temper, obedient and very devoted to the family, which she loves above all. A keeper out of her first litter was little APRIL FAIRY Velmond.

April and our daughter became successful at shows and completed several championships. April had only one litter sired by a lovely male Ozzy from kennel Moravia Campanella.
Meluzine left us forever in 2015 and April in 2020.

Out of Melusine's last litter we kept at home girl Jolly (Contra la Corriente Velmond). She was given an extraordinary temperament by her parents Melusine and Speedy. When she was 18 months old she became partner to our friend Táňa. Together they passed countless working tests with sheeps or in obedience. She is a grind since early puppy age and loves any activity. She acted in a fairy tale „Nejlepší přítel“ (the Best friend) and a small role in series „Vzteklina“ (Rabies). She is also a successful show dog awarded by several championships. Jolly became successor of Briard breeding under our prefix. Today she is already also a grandmatoher...

Cocker Spaniel
Long time ago, before Meluzine, I wished for an English Cocker Spaniel, but... We lived in the center of Prague and two briards were already more than enough. I returned to this idea, when my dream of life in our own house with a garden was becoming a reality.

I knew I want a brown roan color and so I begun to search and study pedigrees to find the line I like. I had no idea how long the waiting for my girl will be. I eventually found a male I liked and wished for his daughter. He was a lovely male of english pedigree living in Ukraine in kennel Sunforest Soul. I was lucky to meet personally his breeder Galyna Chernichko at WDS in Leipzig, where I could also meet Jamie (Courtmaster Musicman). I immediately knew my choise was right. Not only beautiful boy but also conflict-free and friendly character. My Mia (Galactic Dust Sunforest Soul) was born in December 2017 and in February the breeder asked me if I am still interested and gave me one week to decide. There were only 2 brown roan girls in the litter and one of them was suppsed to stay with the breeder. After endless 7 months Mia finally arrived to our home. Next addition was blue roan girl Lilly (Ma Dam Moonborn Sunforest Soul) from the same kennel.

Mia had her first litter in 2020 sired by blue raon male from UK living in Poland. Two years after she gave us her second litter sired by tricolour male from Poland living in our country. We kept a tricolour girl Willow. Only time wil show what is ahead of us!

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