English Cocker Spaniel, Briard and scottish terrier - kennel Velmond


Briard - it was a random choice. I have always wanted a dog. Big dog, lively that will look elegant and pleasing. And so I was looking for it. And found it... In age of 18 I bought from my first payment my first puppy and I totally fall in to the world of briards.

First briard in our family sice 1989 is tawny female DAKA MAJOLI (Gája)
D: Claudette z Ecolonu, S.: Jim Pepův ranč
Shows: always EXCELLENT.
Test: ZM

In 1992 black boy ASCO ACRO spread out our family.
D.: Fanny Slezský hrádek, S.: Figchting Chance Imago
We spent great years together. We loved to spend shared time in our garden, in snow or water which they loved as all briards do. They always spread their energy and joy of living around and accompanied as on each step as devoted companions. After our children were born they patiently dealed with their »meeting attacks«. When both girls grew up they found great game buddies in both of our briards.

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and after Gaja went over the rainbow bridge (bloat) also Asco left after short time. I had no doubts about the breed of your next puppy - briard again!
After long choosing of the right kennel I found the right one - kennel Moravia Campanella (Mrs. Pavla Firlova). MELUSINE ZOE M.C. was the boss of the litter that attacked us with love in Senov. Since that time she belongs to our pack.
In first weeks Melusine was increasing number of her admirers while she was eating. She did a great performace and got a lot of spectators. A lot of whoops and applause was heard from the crowd after she finnished her meal within 5 seconds. Thanks to God she passed this period of her life now as honestly I have no idea where we could stor a wagon of dry food... Though she didn't lost her publicum, she found a new attractive play that is performed in each park, field or any other place suitable for throwing away her gummy ring. Catching and retrieveing it is a passion to her.
The ring casually hanging in her mouth became part of her. But who knows, she might be only "in"....(A little boy at show in Bratislava described her as dog with a piercing). And so I hope she will not want more rings - for example on her ear. Melusine is our third briard. She is lively obedient and loves her family very much.
Another dog that will make a company to Melusine is little April...

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